Tasmanian Devil Adopted

During the month of January 5th class were learning all about Australia. Over 4 weeks so much happened Aboriginal art was made, boomerangs were designed and Australian damper bread was baked just to name a few things. The best thing of all was that 5th class could include the whole school in part of the Australia topic and raise money for the endangered Tasmanian Devil.

I am so happy to say that Georges Hill has now donated money to The World Wildlife Fund and officially adopted a Tasmanian devil. Money raised will go towards helping keep Tasmanian devils alive. So a big thank you for supporting 5th classes fundraiser.

Thank You


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5th class would like to thank everyone who created fantastic endangered animal pictures and donated money. We have raised over sixty euros so far and this will help us sponsor an endangered Tasmanian Devil with the WWF. It was incredibly … Continue reading

Tasmanian Devil Fundraiser


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5th Class are currently learning about Australia for the month of January. Last week we were learning about endangered Australian animals. The Tasmanian Devil has been very unlucky and due to sickness many have died. 5th have decided to raise money to sponsor a Tasmanian Devil by doing a fundraiser. All you have to do is draw a picture of an endangered animal and donate 1 euro. There are lots of prizes to be won. Already we have fantastic pictures given to us and we are raising lots of money.  Bring any of your pictures and donations to 5th class by Friday lunchtime. Winners will be announced Monday and prizes will be given out during the community meetings.