Presentation Primary School is a Catholic School, founded by Teresa Mulally. She was soon joined by the Presentation Sisters, who have been trustees of the school until the present time. In September 2008 the trusteeship of the school passed the parish. The Capuchin Community administer the trusteeship.

The staff of our school continue the tradition of the Presentation Sisters in providing a secure and happy learning environment, where children can enjoy a sense of belonging and pride in their school. We enable the students to live a full life as a child, to be further educated and to prepare the child to live a full life as an adult.

Presentation Primary School, George’s Hill promotes inclusivity and celebrates diversity. Children explore all cultures as is relevant to modern Ireland today. There is a strong emphasis in the school on the Irish culture and language. All children receive a balanced education which will enable them to fulfil their potential in a positive learning environment. Each student will progress at the level that is appropriate to them. Presentation Primary School acknowledges and respects the relationship between the home, the school and the community.

Presentation Primary School George’s Hill is situated in the centre of Dublin City, on Halston Street, Dublin 7.

The school is right beside the Corporation Fruit and Vegetable Markets

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