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As it is getting close to Christmas cooking club baked gingerbread. It was very successful and we even managed to add chocolate to them. Thank you to one pupil who left some for teachers to share at break however, they were all eaten by a few teachers as they were just so delicious to dip into chocolate. If you fancy baking your own gingerbread biscuits here is the recipe that you can try at home.

Gingerbread recipe cooking club

5th Class Science Experiment

After a visit from the dental Hygienist 5th class investigated what drink is worst for your teeth. We put eggs in to water, ribena and coke for a week. The results were really interesting. We took the eggs out after a week and looked at the eggs. Water is absolutely fine for your teeth nothing happened to the egg shell. Ribena is just as bad as coke. Ribena stained the egg shell very badly and even started staining the inside without the egg cracking. Coke stained the egg a little but it cracked the shell. Sometimes you think a drink is okay for your teeth but it’s filled with bad ingredients.

Here are picture’s of the eggs.


Cookie Cake

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Sometimes I think cooking club should really be called chocolate club because so much chocolatey baking is going on. Week four saw us make cookie cake which turned out very well especially with lots of galaxy chocolate drizzled on top. Here is a recipe for anyone in a chocolate mood.

cookie cake