Information and checklist for parents/guardians of children with moderate and mild asthma.

Yesterday the Asthma society of Ireland officially released their Back2School Checklist for parents with children who have moderate and mild asthma to help them as they return to school.

On Thursday the 13th the Asthma society of Ireland will also be hosting a Facebook live at 4:00pm, discussing this checklist in detail. Be sure to download your checklist ahead of tomorrow and join our session:

Webinar for parents/guardians


‘It has been 5 months since lockdown was announced on March 13th. In that time many parents have been juggling roles as worker, home educator and parent, whilst managing the stress and uncertainty of living through a pandemic. Well done to the parents of Ireland!
The return to school will bring a host of mixed emotions for both children and parents. This gentle 75 minute webinar offers a space to pause and have a think about your child’s return to school. You will be reminded of simple and common sense ways of preparing them for those first few days. You will learn about common issues that might arise during the settling in period and how to handle them in a way that builds confidence and emotional literacy. ‘

Dr. Jane Mc Evoy is a Clinical Psychologist with 28 years experience working with parents and young people. Jane has worked extensively with parents of anxious young people and is also currently a Parents Plus facilitator.